Chairman’s Message

Our endeavor is to continue to do what we have promised to our valued parents and to develop PVS and the young minds with integrity and values; also, to give our students the best opportunities for collaborative learning. Our constant effort is to produce conscientious citizens of India who are well aware with our vast,rich & varied culture who will go out into the world to make us proud.

Besides rigorous scholastic programmes, we seek to develop and nurture different facets of a child. The school encourages all students to participate in a variety of co - curricular activities from dance, art, drama to a variety of sports from social work to environmental conservation activities.

 It is important for children to explore & find their strength in order to reach their true potential. Whether a child is an introvert or extrovert personality, the aim is to nurture the child into a self confident individual, as I believe that excellence has no limits.

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PVS, a full day boarding school has been designed and built to deliver its curriculum of " Education with a Purpose " and provide the requisite infrastructure to facilitate a learning environment for both indoor and outdoor activities. We impart education that is based on conscience and we rear a breed of young minds that are bustling with self-confidence, motivation and ever ready to take up challenges. The campus, sports and academic facilities all bear testimony to this effort.


Our valued parents are active partners in our progress & I look forward to their continued trust, support & inputs in achieving our goals. It would bring a remarkable sense of achievement and purpose to me and the entire team if we could transform the dreams of parents into reality and make our students worthy citizens of our great country.

“The biggest atrocity of all is to indoctrinate our children into a system that does not value their creative expression, nor encourage their unique abilities. ”

----Benjamin Green

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Headmaster’s Message

“Character cannot be developed in ease & quite. Only through experience of trails and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.”

Education is not merely to reform students or amuse them or to make them expert technicians. Let us use it to unsettle their minds, work towards widening their horizons, use it to inflame their intellect and teach them to think right, always. Let us use it to generate curiosity. So that it is not merely used as restless questioning, or as movement toward revelation of something hidden or as momentary attention or suggestion or vigilance. But that it becomes a source of discovering all the why’s and the how’s. That and only that should and is the only true sole purpose of education.

Few decisions are most important as they potentially change the course of one’s life; choosing the right educational institute for your child being one such. This prospectus provides you a brief insight as to why and how we are a different as well as, a better choice.

Successful institutions don’t just happen. They are effective because all those who work with them have committed to make them succeed. Highly dedicated faculty using effective methods with lofty practicable vision can transform this dream into reality. Prakriti Valley School promises to provide inexhaustible treasure of knowledge, reverence, rational outlook, dedication, sincerity, sacrifice and humanity through sound and futuristic management, caring and intellectual faculty and well maintained, highly secure and safe campus.

best day boarding school in dehradunDr. Anuj S Singh


We, at Prakriti Valley School aim at educating your child and not just imparting information. We work towards building character. Besides learning we inculcate fundamental traits of character- such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility. We stand firm in the belief to identify their inherent creative potential and pursue their dreams with enthusiasm and determination.

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