The School aims to produce successful, effective and open-minded students with a global outlook, those who work to the best of their physical and cognitive abilities and are

  • Good Human Being
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Respectful
  • Confident
  • Rational
  • Productive

The School Strategy

Prakriti Valley School, Dehra Dun aspires to be an institution to be able to offer a meaningful and qualitative all-round education to develop the innate quality of each individual, at par with the best schools in India; and therefore is committed to -

  • Adopt Quality School Governance that is good for the student, beneficial for the parent and participative, such that the staff can call their own
  • Limit the number of students per section to a maximum of 32 (Thirty Two), considering student interest and effective class transactions
  • Ensure Value for Money; the School fees have been projected keeping in mind that the fee is truly commensurate with the quality of education and development opportunities offered. The fee is inclusive of tuition fee and freshly cooked four meals [Breakfast, Break Share, Lunch and Evening Snack] being provided at the School
  • Adopt quality education practices that are fair to all concerned, viz., the Books-on-Loan Scheme where the school shall buy books in bulk and lend it to the students; the students will pay a rent for usage of the books and return them when they go to the next class; the students shall bear the cost of the book only in case of default in return and/or upkeep of the books in good condition. This, and such other Schemes, not only will be pocket-friendly to parents but the students shall be sensitized to multiple aspects e.g. respect for the usable items, taking care of the belongings, sharing etc
  • Provide adequate, well-equipped facilities for the pursuit of a wide variety of educationally appropriate co-scholastic activities to hone skills which translate to grooming the personality.
  • Ensure that all the School's facilities are aesthetically pleasing to children and maintained with scrupulous attention to functionality, hygiene, and cleanliness.
  • Endeavor to attract a high caliber staff and provide a professionally challenging yet satisfying environment.
  • Develop a comprehensive on-the-job training programme to continuously enhance professional skills and ensure a high level of motivation and accountability amongst all members of staff.
  • Budget efficiently so as to remain financially self-sufficient meeting all operational and running expenses from within its own revenue.