Art and Craft, apart from being compulsory in the timetable, is also offered as a hobby and appropriate facilities be provided for the learning of a large variety from whatever possible viz., painting of all kinds, needlework, nail & thread, batik, tie and dye, sculpture, stitching, rangoli, art from waste, etc

We have proudly displayed the work of our children at all places in the School buildings; and have resolved to accord this privilege only to our budding artists!

Our Art and Craft School is located close to a terrace and the courtyard as it is useful for spreading out as well as learn from the outdoors. The rooms are well designed with built-in storage for art and craft material.

Music, apart from being compulsory in the timetable till class VIII, is offered as a hobby and as a school activity with regular competitions. Facilities are provided for the learning of both, Indian and Western classical music and individual training on instruments, such as the piano, guitar, sitar, tabla, etc.

The Dance area, to be earmarked in future, would have wooden flooring and the acoustics of the room would be carefully planned for natural harmonic reproduction. The present Dance Room has a mirrored wall where children can see their Mudras and Abhinaya and then improvise upon them.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, Sports and Games, both indoors and outdoors are given an equal importance with academics and other activities. Physical Education forms the basic foundation of any and all Sports and Games, where the children understand the theory of doing physical activities of all kinds, whether just in casual play or informal games.

Aerobic Exercises, Calisthenics, Martial Arts, Athletics, and Yoga are compulsory for the whole School and conducted as per a prepared schedule. Swimming shall be added to this list once our Swimming Pool is ready.

Major games

Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, and Athletics are played in the respective seasons, at least thrice a week as per a prepared schedule. Boys and Girls, both are active participants and are individually motivated and encouraged to develop an interest in playing in the outdoors.

Minor games

Volleyball, Badminton, Table-Tennis, Judo/Karate/Taekwondo, Cross-country running etc are played twice a week, again as per the prepared schedule. Tennis and Swimming shall begin once our facilities are ready.

It is mandatory for all children to play both, major and minor games; so that by the time they leave the School, they have had an exposure to all types of games, whether they develop particular skills or not.